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Inspiration at the Tips of Your Fingers and Toes

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

It happened quite unexpectedly five years ago.

At the time I usually sported simple naked nails and didn’t pay much attention to my hands. A manicure felt like such a luxury of time and money, except for special occasions.

That night was one of those special occasions. I was going to a business event where I wanted to look fabulous from my head all the way down to my fingertips. So, I snuck in a late afternoon manicure at a nearby nail salon and took a desperately needed break.

To me, the best part of getting your nails done is watching your plain, ordinary fingernails that usually blend into the rest of your hand suddenly transform into these wonderful bursts of color.

The worse part of getting your nails done is waiting…for…the… nail…dry. Ugh. Let’s just say waiting and being patient are not my top strengths.

I was determined, however, to look good that night, so I did my best to sit quietly with my hands under the dryer…waiting… for…the…nail color …to…dry. Then, in a meager attempt to keep my mind busy and my hands still, I turned my attention to my bright new bottle of nail polish.

I just loved the color. It was a luscious combination of hot pink and red that made me smile. “What’s the name of this color?” I wondered. I carefully picked up the bottle to not mess up my drying nails and turned it over. The label simply stated Wild Berry but, in my mind, I heard a raspy, full-throttle “Wiiiilllld Berry!”

What immediately followed was a phrase that crossed my mind and has never left: I want to live like my nail color!

I wanted to feel truly energized and passionate about who I am and what I am doing with my life. I wanted to feel confident. And I wanted to have more fun!

I know I’m not alone. Eighty-four percent of women I surveyed color their nails with such creatively named color as Lacquered Up, Ballet Slippers, My Chihuahua Bites, and I’m Not Really a Waitress.

With nail color names like these, the problem isn’t being inspired; the challenge is staying inspired day after day, week after week, through good times and bad. Because, hey, chip happens!

Truth is, there are times when we want to feel like Wild Berry but constant demands, changing circumstances, and gnawing doubt often makes us feel more like the color Wet Leaves.

Which to my knowledge isn’t a real nail color. I mean seriously, who would wear it?

Ever since that fateful day, I realized that right there at the tips of my finger and toes was inspiration to keep creating the career, business, and life I wanted. But we must keep the inspiration going.

That’s why I created the Live Like Your Nail Color Podcast. You can expect to hear inspiring, insightful, and laughter-infused conversations with women who are decidedly positive, truly authentic, and have spunky grit.

In our convos we flip the chip on small, medium, and larger challenges and share practical ideas to become stronger, smarter, and happier. Join us and listen in!


What’s YOUR nail color persona and what does it reveal about YOU? Whether mild, wild, or naked, answer a few questions to identify your nail color persona, learn your built-in strengths, and what to do when chip happens!


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