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Hi! I'm Mary Foley, creator of Live Like Your Nail Color!

So many people ask me how the idea of living like your nail color happened. And what it’s really about. 


Ok, here you go!

The Event That Sparked It All

The moment happened quite unexpectedly many years ago in B.C. (Before COVID). At the time I was a busy author and speaker who inspired women to be bodacious in the life and at work.

Being on the sporty side, I usually had naked nails. Except for special occasions.

That night was a special business event where I wanted to look fabulous from my head all the way down to my fingertips. So, I snuck in a late afternoon manicure at a nearby nail salon.


To me, the best part of a manicure is watching my plain fingernails suddenly transform into a wonderful burst of color. The worst part is waiting…for…the…nail…dry. Ugh.


So, I turned my attention to my bright new bottle of nail polish. It was a luscious combination of hot pink and red that made me smile.  

What’s the name of this color? I thought.

Mary Foley_Standing Outside_KimBrundagePhoto_031620_350.jpg
3 color swish.png

I picked up the bottle and flipped it over. The label said Wild Berry but in I heard a raspy, full throttle Wiiiilllld Berry!


That’s when the words I so want to live like my nail color! blurted out of my mouth.

I wanted to feel truly energized, confident, and fully alive! My nail color was whispering that this was all possible. Even when chip happens!

So I Did This


This experience inspired me to write the book Like Like Your Nail Color, Even If You Have Naked Nails. I spoke at conferences and events. I created my own nail polish with fun names. I even started a Live Like Your Nail Color Club. Women felt inspired and we had a great time.


Then, the impact of the 2008 recession took full effect.

Companies were downsizing, and people were losing their jobs. Many laid off women started their own businesses.

I wanted to help. That's when I started to shift from bring an author and speaker to being a business coach for women entrepreneurs. (You can see my
REV UP Society and Coaching here.)

Then the Chip Really Hit the Fan! 


The 2020 pandemic shutdown and aftermath. Many small businesses failed, but I was bound and determined that would not happen to my clients.

Not one of my gals went out of business. Better yet, every single one made savvy shifts and grew their businesses to be stronger than ever!

It wasn't easy and there were ups and downs along the way. But the
essential game-changer was a shift in mindset.

Because when everything else has changed, your mindset needs to shift, too!


It’s Time to Flip the Chip

No doubt you have experienced stress and tremendous change because of the prolonged crisis.
So much downer news. So much chronic crisis. So much anxiety and feeling worn out from it all.

Are you tired of so much chip happening?  Do you want to feel re-energized with mental mojo for a brave new world?


Yeah, me too. That’s why I decided to bring back the simple, powerful, fun approach to stay energized from my book Live Like Your Nail Color - in a whole new way!


It’s time to flip the chip. It’s time to feel renewed. It’s time to laugh again!


Do you realize that your nail color is...

  • Reminding you of your strengths and true, authentic self?

  • Inspiring you to leverage the power of choice?

  • Urging you to embrace that life is an adventure?

  • Encouraging you to be resilient?


And that's just scratching the surface. The tips of your fingers and toes are always ready to inspire you to not give up and to keep creating the business, career, or life you want.


Let Me Show You How


To get started, take my quiz to discover your nail color persona. Listen to the Live Like Your Nail Color Podcast with my super fun guests to give you moments of lightheartedness and practical ideas so you can renew your energy, regain perspective, and remember that flipping the chips is just a touch up or change up away!

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