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Announcing the Live Like Your Nail Color Podcast!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Do you get discouraged by so much downer news? Weary from chronic crisis? Tired of so much chip happening?

Ok, so that’s 3 questions but I bet your answers are yes, yes, and YES!

I totally get it AND, my friend, I’m here to say don’t let the chips keep you down!

Because one of the simplest and easiest things ever – your nail color – is ready to inspire you to not give up and to keep creating the business, career, and life you want.

That’s what the Live Like Your Nail Color podcast is all about. And I’m thrilled to announce that it’s ready to roll!

You see, right now, whether you’re sporting color on your nails or you’re a naked nelly, the tips of your fingers and toes are cheering you on to remember your strengths, leverage the power of choice, boost your resilience, and embrace that life as an adventure.

I know, who knew? Well, soon, you will, ha!

In the Live Like Your Nail Color podcast, you can expect to hear inspiring, insightful, and laughter-infused conversations with women who are decidedly positive, truly authentic, and have spunky grit.

In our convos, we flip the chip on small, medium, and larger challenges and share practical ideas to become stronger, smarter, and happier.

Who is this chick-a-rama with some crazy talk about nail color?

I’m Mary Foley, a business coach for women entrepreneurs. I’ve worked hard to keep my clients going and growing during this pandemic party. Together we’ve navigated the hurdles, leveled up our mindset, and created some amazing results. But let’s be real. It's sooo easy to feel worn out, anxious, and stay stuck.

That’s why I created the Live Like Your Nail Color podcast - to offer you needed moments of lightheartedness so you can renew your energy, regain perspective, and remember that flipping the chip is just a touch-up or change-up away.

So, I invite you to come along for a good time and a good laugh with some good people.

You can find the Live Like Your Nail Color podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon, YouTube, and just about anywhere you listen to podcasts. And you can always find it here on

Look forward to being with you soon!


What’s YOUR nail color persona and what does it reveal about YOU? Whether mild, wild, or naked, answer a few questions to identify your nail color persona, learn your built-in strengths, and what to do when chip happens!


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