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How Many Women Really Wear Nail Color?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

How many women really wear nail color?

That was the question I was trying to answer and couldn’t find any current research data. So, I decided to conduct my own survey to find out.

Based on a survey I conducted with 160 women, here’s what I found.

A huge majority, 84%, of all women paint their fingernails or toenails or both on a regular basis.

That also means that 16% of women don’t paint their nails at all - also known as Naked Nellies based on my nail color persona quiz. And, yes, Naked Nellies can also live like their nail color. Because such a bare state of affairs means these women are willing to be their true, authentic selves and show it to the world!

For those women part of 84% who do paint their fingers or toes, I found that a whopping 39% of women paint only their toenails, which means most women are living like their TOENAIL color!

The next highest percentage is 35% of women who put color on BOTH their fingers and their toes. Which leaves 11% of women who color only their fingernails.

Here are some reasons these gals love putting color on their nails:

“It makes me feel pretty and look polished.”

“Makes my feet look neater and smaller.”

“It looks more professional and put together”

“It makes me feel pretty and feminine as I work as a senior manager making decisions all day.”

“I think they look pretty, and it helps these older hands take on a younger look! And I love to wear sandals with painted toes.”

“I don’t think I have pretty feet, but they look much better with red polish on the toenails!”

“It’s the one place I can be creative and wild, and no one makes comments.”

But the best reasons to take time to put some color on your fingers or toes sound like this:

“It makes me smile when I take off my shoes and socks.”

“I can choose a color to boost my mood whenever I look at it.”

“It makes me happy.”

“It makes me feel more alive!”

Pretty impressive from something as simple as a nail color!

Kudos to the women who keep putting on their fave nail color and trying new ones. So that they can feel inspired, stay resilient, and keep smiling.

Eleanor Roosevelt said “Life has got to be lived, that’s all there is to it.” So, let’s get to living like our nail color!

What’s YOUR nail color persona and what does it reveal about YOU? Whether mild, wild, or naked, answer a few questions to identify your nail color persona, learn your built-in strengths, and what to do when chip happens!


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