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I’ve had an idea brewing in my head for a while now, and I can’t let it go. It’s got me SO excited.
But it’s “unpolished”, not fully formed (so please be kind!).
However, did I mention that it’s got me SUPER excited? And how I’d love to involve YOU?


Here’s the quick backstory…
Recently I passed the one-year mark of my Live Like Your Nail Color Podcast. As you know, chip happens on your nails and in your life. So, each week we flip the chip with inspiring, insightful, and laughter infused conversations so you can keep creating the life you want.
Like anything new, it’s been a journey of figuring out the logistics, what’s working, what needs improvement, and how to deliver a weekly episode that’s meaningful and fun.
I’m sooo appreciative to all my guests who have shared so openly.
I’m even more grateful for all the women listening who have invited me into their lives. The feedback – and FUN – has been amazing!
But there’s something missing. Something that can’t happen with a podcast. And something that’s more important than ever.


What’s missing is this: A podcast is only one-way.
While I can have a great conversation and feel energized by talking with my gal pal guest, you can only listen.
can’t interact with us.

You can’t ask questions.
And you
can’t connect with, cheer on, or feel the full mojo energy you get by doing this with other like-minded women who are interested in the topic, too.
The more I thought about this, the more my wheels began turning.
I started to
imagine a place, a community experience that’s an extension of the podcast where we could…
Have a
live, interactive, deeper dive sessions with podcast guests
Connect with one another and
cheer each other on


Ask for support, ideas, and brainstorm about some "chip" that's going on in your life
Or even
Be able to
choose the topics we focus on because they are the ones that YOU are most interested in.
Like I said, it’s still unpolished.


But you can see the potential, right?
I can’t stop thinking about where a community, a club dedicated to midlife women like you, where the chips often fall around shifting health, relationships, finances, work, and more.
Women who desire to
go from feeling uncertain, weary, and stuck to being energized, resilient, and smiling wide. With a whole bunch of decidedly positive women cheering each other on and making meaningful connections!
As simple as this sounds, this kind of
rich community for midlife women isn’t nearly as easy to find as once thought, especially in this post-pandemic world.
Given that it would be an extension of the Live Like Your Nail Color Podcast, I’m calling this idea the Live Like Your Nail Color Club.
When I think about the unanticipated, long-term impact of my REV UP Society business coaching group for women entrepreneurs these last 3 tough years, I’m excited where a Live Like Your Nail Color Club could lead us in 1 year, 3 years, or even 5 years from now!
It’s the progress we would all make by staying together and staying resilient that fires me up.
But here’s what I’m VERY clear on…


I can’t do this alone and I don’t have all the answers.
Currently, this idea is a bit rough around the edges. It’s definitely not perfect (yet) and there are many things we still need to work out.
But the vision is there. And that’s why I’d love to extend an
early invite to you. I want you to be a part of this…especially if you’re willing to help me SHAPE the idea.
So, here’s the invite:


Join me as a UNPOLISHED Live Like Your Nail Color Club member.
Help me polish this thing up by giving me input and feedback on what’s included and how it works.
I’ll be using
email, Zoom meetings, and a private Facebook group for us to gather and share. You can chime in when and where it works for you. As long as you chime in, ha!
Are you thinking “How much, Mary?”
Get this.
It won’t cost you a dime. However, it will cost you some time. (Hey, that rhymes!)

I’m serious about getting input. No throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks. I want to make a pasta dinner you can’t wait to attend!
Another thing…
I can’t tell you when the official Live Like Your Nail Color Club will go live to the public when it’s all polished and pretty.
But I can tell you that there will be a monthly fee for all this goodness. By joining the UNPOLISHED Live Like Your Nail Color Club now and helping me out, you will get in on the very favorable “founding member” price.

When the official Live Like Your Nail Color Club is extended to the general public, I anticipate the starting price to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $27 per month.
(which will be a no brainer given that we’ll be helping women at midlife rock their lives!)


Here’s the best part, though…
Join me today as an UNPOLISHED Live Like Your Nail Color Club member (for free!) and if you decide to join the official Live Like Your Nail Color Club when it’s can lock in the founding member price….whatever that turns out to be…for as long as you remain a member.

Think of it as
free now and best price later! Gar-un-teed!

With all that said, I’m clear about how this community will serve us all as midlife women navigating life changes with resilience and a whole lotta fun and mojo. That’s what excites me – and I hope it does you, too.
It all begins here today.
And years from now we’ll look back on this and say “do you remember when…”
Join me. Become a UNPOLISHED Live Like Your Nail Color Club member. Let’s do this – together!

Dang, you missed it!
The UNPOLISHED Live Like Your Nail Color Club is currently Closed!

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