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Help Women to

Feel Inspired,
Stay Resilient, 
and Keep Smiling!

#1 Take my fun quiz + share it!

To share on Facebook or LinkedIn,

click on the social button at the top of your quiz results.  




To share as an Instagram Story, 

download your persona image below or Dropbox.


Add comment like "They nailed it! So fun!"

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#2 Find my podcast + share it!

Pick a podcast platform.
Rate the podcast (if an option).
Click the share button to post on social.

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Listen on live like your nailcolor_edite
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#3 Pick out a new nail color to cheer you on!

I want to give you a tangible THANK YOU to helping me inspire women with a $25 Color Street Gift Certificate!

These are nail color strips that have a layer of base coat, polish, and top. They are easy to apply, last for 2 weeks, and have all kinds of fun colors and designs. 

Game? I will email you the certificate to use ASAP.
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