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Get Your Shine Back!

You're invited to the first
Live Like Your Nail Color Podcast LIVE Event
Tues, July 25 @ 4 pm ET

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Are you feeling a little lackluster?

Could you use a shot of motivation?

Want to meet positive midlife women?


Maybe it’s not just that your fingers or toes need some new polish. Maybe it’s you, too!


On the very fun Live Like Your Nail Color Podcast episode with guest Nicole Greer, she shared her S.H.I.N.E. model for re-energizing your life...and the stories to go with it.

At this LIVE event we take the episode to the next level. 


Rather than only listening, you will have the opportunity to interact with Nicole and ask her your questions. Even in the first few minutes you will feel her fun energy and be excited about being with her live. 


PLUS, you will meet and share with other positive midlife women in small groups your thoughts and ideas about getting your shine back.

Register for this free LIVE event today!

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