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Stay resilient

Stay resilient


nail color

Your nail color is cheering you on to keep creating the career, business and life you want!

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Feel inspired

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Stay resilient

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Keep smiling!


 like your


tired of so much CHIP happening?
(on your nails and in your life)

Are you . . . 

  • discouraged by so much downer news?

  • weary from chronic crisis?

  • anxious about the future?

  • feeling powerless to do much about it?

don't let the  chips keep you down!

It's easy to feel worn out, anxious, and stuck. But you can choose to become stronger, smarter, and happier.


your nail color is
you on

to flip the chip!

Whether mild, wild, or naked, your fingers and toes are inspiring you to not give up and to keep creating the career, business, and life you want.

Your nail color persona + fave color reminds you of your strengths
When you try a new color or give it a new name you leverage the power of choice
When you touch up or change up a chipped nail
you boost your resilience
When you dare to wear a wild color you embrace that
life is an adventure!

I’m tired of so much chip happening, too. As a business coach for women entrepreneurs, my clients and I have worked hard to keep going and growing. But, dang, the chips keep coming! That’s why I decided to bring back the simple, powerful, and fun approach to flip the chip and stay energized from my book Live Like Your Nail Color, Even If You Have Naked Nails in a whole new way!

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 I'm Mary Foley!

“Mary shows how easy it is to change our viewpoints and begin laughing and choosing to enjoy life.”
– Kittygayle M.
Live Like Your Nail Color
is an attitude guide.
It’s a reminder that
small things we do for ourselves can
make a difference.”
– Brenda S.
“My fingers and toes have become tiny ambassadors of my dreams and desires.”
– Gina M.

flip the chip
and start
living like your
nail color

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Discover your
Nail Color

Whether mild, wild, or naked, answer 3 questions to identify your nail color persona, learn your built-in strengths, and what to do when chip happens.

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Be inspired by the
Live Like Your Nail Color

In each episode we flip the chip with inspiring, insightful, and laughter-infused conversations so you can keep creating the career, business and life you want!

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Let your nail color keep cheering you on!

So that every time you see your fingers or toes you are reminded that you can create the career, business, and life you want - one step, one moment, one nail color at a time.

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